Mediation & Yoga Essentials

It's going on two weeks of me practicing Bikram Yoga and Asana Yoga and I'm in love with both. I practice Bikram Yoga at various studios and I practice Asana Yoga at home via an app that I discovered in the App Store. My normal attire for yoga is a tank top and brief shorts,very simple and free. Recently, I purchased a beautiful piece of yoga jewelry from Lhasa Designs [HERE] which features a locket and I plan to add a Sugilite gemstone inside. This week will be the first time using the yoga jewelry and I'm excited to the added energy!

Lately at the end of my yoga workouts, I take a few minutes to clear my mind to mediate and focus on positive affirmations. I am planning to expand my mediation to a focused session in which I take at least 15 - 30 minutes to completely clear my mind and focus on affirmations, positive thoughts and my purpose. To aid in my mediation, I purchased a few gemstones, Sugilite and Hematite, from Crystal-Cure.com.

Sugilite is considered one of the most important love stones. It represents spiritual love and wisdom - opening and aligning all the chakras to love with its beautiful purple rays. This stone teaches and protects in matters of spiritual quests, love, and forgiveness.
Hematite is a stone of healing, grounding, fortune telling, meditation, stabilization and protection, balance and peace. Some say this stone brings mental clarity, better focus and concentration, clear thoughts and develops photographic memory. 
 Combining Sugilite and Hematite will assist in the grounding of light in the physical world.
My new practices with yoga and mediation are drastically helping in my journey to inner peace and I have already noticed changes in my mood, mindset, digestion, and flexibility.

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