Hiking in the Mountains

While most of America was at home watching the Presidential Inauguration, TB and I decided to go hiking together. We had a GREAT time! I honestly think that was my first time actually voluntarily went walking in the forest, lol. 

The drive out to the mountains wasn't too bad at all and the scenery was beautiful. The weather ended up being really nice, despite the Weather Man calling for a cold cloudy day, the sky was blue and the sun was shining bright. 

It was really nice to relax, take in the views atop the mountain, and reconnect with nature.

I was astonished by all the uprooted trees in the area. Literally everywhere you looked a tree had fallen over. This is a photo of an uproot tree trunk... It looked a lot more meaningful in person, so clearly I need practice with my photography, lol. 

Getting away from the city and suburbs for a little while and getting some nice refreshing mountain air was much needed and I hope to go back again soon. Until we visit again, we'll be there is spirit (or dirt, lol).... 

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