Sunflower Oil & Oil Pulling

I finally went to the Market and bought a bottle of Sunflower Oil to begin Oil Pulling. I first discovered this method last year on Instagram and I have procrastinating on getting the oil to do so. I was reminded about this method yesterday when Elizabeth Antoinette (who is a very inspirational vegan) posted a tweet about this method and I quickly put it on my to do list.

In a nut shell, oil pulling is a practice done first thing in the morning for about 20 minutes that will thoroughly clean the mouth and remove other toxins and impurities from your body. If you want more information (and you should!) visit OilPulling.com to learn about all the amazing benefits. 


Hiking in the Mountains

While most of America was at home watching the Presidential Inauguration, TB and I decided to go hiking together. We had a GREAT time! I honestly think that was my first time actually voluntarily went walking in the forest, lol. 

The drive out to the mountains wasn't too bad at all and the scenery was beautiful. The weather ended up being really nice, despite the Weather Man calling for a cold cloudy day, the sky was blue and the sun was shining bright. 


Cleansing Meditation Gemstones

In my last post, I mentioned that I purchased gemstones to aid in my meditation practice, and after receiving these gemstones I learned that they need to be "programmed" before using them. According to the insert from Crystal-Cure.com "the purpose of programming a stone is to focus its energy on something you specifically want or need, thereby magnifying its intent through your own." The insert also came with steps on how to program the gemstones and the only step I didn't know how to accomplish was "cleansing the gemstones" so after some research I found a few different methods.


Mediation & Yoga Essentials

It's going on two weeks of me practicing Bikram Yoga and Asana Yoga and I'm in love with both. I practice Bikram Yoga at various studios and I practice Asana Yoga at home via an app that I discovered in the App Store. My normal attire for yoga is a tank top and brief shorts,very simple and free. Recently, I purchased a beautiful piece of yoga jewelry from Lhasa Designs [HERE] which features a locket and I plan to add a Sugilite gemstone inside. This week will be the first time using the yoga jewelry and I'm excited to the added energy!


New Year, New Peace

My 24th birthday was almost 2 weeks ago and I decided this new year, for myself, I am going to be a better women and open my mind & spirit to peace. I've spent a great deal of my life harboring resentment, hate, animosity, and a host of other negative energies that don't serve any positive purpose in life.

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