Bringing Back Old Music

This is my beautiful Clarinet that I picked up from the store, the Thift Store might I add. When I saw it there on the shelf, I knew I had to have it!
Back in Elementary School, I was in the band and played the Clarinet and absolutely loved it! Playing the Clarinet was definitely one of my fondest memories and I've always wanted to play again; now I can.

Since the instrument is previously owned, I have to give it a thorough cleaning, and I may eventually get it re-corked. But in the meantime, I ordered a carrying case, cleaning supplies, and a new ligature all from eBay and under $50!

I decorated my Carrying Case with stickers that I had laying around, and coincidentally most of them were music related from Music Hack Day in London [HERE]

I also went to Music & Arts and got a new mouthpiece, reeds, and a song book to eventually out of. But right now, I am focused on (re)learning how to play my beautiful woodwind instrument from my iPad... gotta love technology!

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