xmas gifts!

Oh the joy of opening gifts on Christmas! I had an amazing Christmas this year and I couldn't have asked for more! Here are a few things I got and some other gifts that were opened...

The first gift that I opened on Christmas Day was my new camera! I absolutely LOVE this camera and it is just what I've been asking for! As you can see, the picture quality is stunning!

TB also got me a BEAUTIFUL Pink Diamond Key Necklace. I can't wait to wear it on our next Date Night! 

I had been hinting at a Michael Kors watch & my Mom surprised me and got it! You can see more pictures in the Michael Kors post [HERE] and as you see, I've already added it to the collection...

And I cannot wait to wear this Wine Rose clutch!

I also got a lot of perfume, which was great because I'm practically running on fumes of my current stash. I even got the Issey Miyake that I was raving about a few months ago [HERE]. 

Also, some "Candy" by Prada....

And I can't forget the Flower Bomb... but I've been wearing this since I came from London. Early xmas gift, lol! 

We also watched my Mom, Dad, and Sister open gifts...

And last but not least, my xmas tradition. For xmas, I always [this being the 2nd year, lol] get TB some Louis Vuitton. So, this year, I got him a Black & Grey Damier Scarf; and he loved it! 

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