I'm a Culture(d) Individual

I received my custom Ankh Wrap Bracelet by Culture(d)!

The bracelet looks really nice & it matches well with my brass set of Key & Bows bracelets...

The wrap bracelet is long enough to wrap around my wrist about 5 times which I love because one accessory looks like a lot more!

Here is the Brass Key & Bow set of Bracelets that my mom picked up for me when she got my Lock & Key Bracelets...

The Key & Bow Bracelets pair well with my Ankh Wrap Bracelet

If you want to get yourself a custom Culture(d) piece and become "a Culture(d) individual", check out Ava at CisForCultured.etsy.com and you can Tweet her @CisForCultured.

Get Culture(d).

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