[Review] Salon Effects on Nails

A few weeks ago, I purchased the the Salon Effects kit by Sally Hansen from Ulta for $10 bux. I finally got to try them out and as excited as I was, my experience wasn't that pleasant. 

I was really excited because all the reviews I'd read said that they were really simple and easy to apply and that they lasted pretty long. However, I felt that it took me forever to size out the stickies on my nails, peel and peel again, smooth and then flatten.

They came out pretty nice, but unfortunately there wasn't a good sized strip for my thumb [big 'ol thumb], so I left it bare and added a neutral O∙P∙I color, Samoan Sand. Just that solid color didn't really sit well with me and having all my other fingers "Laced", so I decided to shatter it...

Probably should have went with the black shatter, huh? Oh well, at that point I really didn't feel like taking it off and starting over. 

It took me at least an hour to: 
1. Match the nail strips to each of my nails
2. Peel the back of the nail strip to adhere to my nails
3. Peel the top layer of the nail strip so that the strip laid flush to my nails
4. Buff the excess nail strips from the tips of my nails
5. Use the orange stick to contour the nail strips to my nails

And it got tricky when I forgot to remove the top plastic layer of the nail strip before I tried to buff the excess nail strip off. The nail strip would actually tear instead of dissolving. So annoying. For me those 5 steps on each nail was just too much and for all that, I felt like I could wait for regular nail polish to dry. 

The longevity of the nail strips wasn't much to be amazed about either. I would say they last a good 2-3 days before they began to lift and tear in some spots. Even my O∙P∙I  polish lasted longer than the nail strips. Overall, it wasn't that pleasant of an experience and for the $10 I paid for them, I could have brought a bottle of O∙P∙I  that would last me a year or so... what a waste.

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