Motivation in Music

Truth be told, I have not been my usual ambitious, million projects at once, superwomen self in a few months. I have felt quite unmotivated and just down right L-A-Z-Y!

I have tried to chalk it up to "oh, I just need a break" or "I finished undergrad in 3 years and got my degree at 20, leave me alone"...but those are just excuses, and I truly dislike excuses. I had just lost my niche and didn't really know what to do or how to find it nor did I have the desire to figure it out. So I sat around, just living life as it was handed to me not by what I made out of it. 

But if finally hit me last week and oh may, it was a great feeling! I finally felt energized and enthused that I'd be able to put my passion towards a great venture! And listening to The Roots "How I Got Over" album has be instrumental [pun intended] in keeping me motivated! My two favorite tracks are the above, "The Day" and "Hustla" which is below! Listen to at least these two tracks and tell me you don't feel motivated to "starting living today" because "if you're not a hustler, baby you're a customer"...

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