mmMm...I Got a Zum Bar!

Guess what I got while grocery shopping yesterday?! A Zum Bar! 

Zum Bar by Indigo Wild [$3.99]

Zum Bars are an all natural "ultra-mositurizing" soap, made with a goat's milk base, and are free of synthetic colorings and fragrances. Which mean's they're great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin! Personally, I am big on all natural products and products that aren't harass on the skin, so when I saw the Zum Bars and their natural ingredient lists, I was sold...

If I wasn't an avid Clumps of Mascara reader, I would have passed this delicious smelling bar of soap right by;  but luckily I am! She posted about the Dragon's Blood Zum Bar a few weeks ago [HERE] and when I read the post, well more so when I saw the pictures, I immediately wanted to try some! And yesterday, while I was in Harris Teeter, I spotted a variety of them...

I wasn't quite sure which to pick out of the Lavender Mint, Sea Salt, Frankincense & Myrrh, and Sandalwood Zum Bars, but I decided to go with Lavender Mint. The Frankincense & Myrrh smelled really nice too, I'll hopefully try that next!

If you'd like to try one out and don't have a Harris Teeter near you, you can purchase them online from Soap Hope.

I am really excited to try my Zum Bar out! As a matter of fact, I am hoping in the shower now...I'll be back later with a review! I'm sure it'll be filled with nothing but great things! 

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