Pucker Up With Soft Kissable Lips

Yesterday, I exfoliated my lips and the results were fabulous! I used to exfoliate my lips pretty regularly, but I fell out of the habit, but after the results from yesterday I have added it to my regimen.

When I used to exfoliate my lips, I used sugar and honey, simple. But after viewing this video on Ambrosia's YouTube channel, I decided to give her method a try...container and all!

I grabbed an old container I had gotten from Sephora, that I never had a use for, and poured in some honey, added some sugar, and then put in a few fingers full of vaseline. 

Per my sister's ingenius idea (lol), I used a Q-tip to mix everything together. It took a little stirring but it turned into a smooth consistency. Similar to vaseline with sugar in it, go figure! Then, I rubbed it on my lips with my finger and rubbed my lips together. Mmmmm, it smelled & tasted quite delicious! 

After a minute, I rinsed it off my lips and viola, my lips instantly felt soft and subtle! I was so glad that I followed Ambrosia's video because now I have this fabulous mixture stored and can use in as often as needed. Very convenient & so necessary! 

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