Today Was A Bad Good Day...

Today was definitely one of those type of days for me, a good bad day. Unfortunately, a not too favorable situation transpired in the beginning of my day and consequently it had me feeling not too hot first thing in the morning. As the day progressed the situation that had me down didn't get too much better, but some how I managed to not let it consume me and allow some good in.


Ulta During My Lunch Break...What's In The Bag?

Ulta is one of my favorite make-up, skin care, perfume, everything beauty places to go and luckily for me there is one by my job! I stopped in there today and I picked up a few items (despite my urge to get tons of things) and here is what I got...


Pucker Up With Soft Kissable Lips

Yesterday, I exfoliated my lips and the results were fabulous! I used to exfoliate my lips pretty regularly, but I fell out of the habit, but after the results from yesterday I have added it to my regimen.

When I used to exfoliate my lips, I used sugar and honey, simple. But after viewing this video on Ambrosia's YouTube channel, I decided to give her method a try...container and all!


Welcome to Neosoul & Tea!

I chose the name "Neosoul & Tea" because those are my favorite solaces!

I plan to use this blog to share my odyssey through fashion, make-up, style, crafts, and just life... An accessory to this blog will be my YouTube channel, Pieces of Jojo, (Oh, btw my name is Jojo). I am still discovering my personal style and I am new to make-up, so this shall be quite fun and relaxed...

Put on some neosoul, brew a cup of tea, and enjoy!

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