back to love with Anthony Hamilton

If you haven't listened to Anthony Hamilton's new album you need to. NOW! This album is so soulful and real sultry. You can listen to the whole album, without skipping any tracks and you'll still be craving more! 

If you can't afford to buy it, get Spotify [HERE] and stream it on your computer! 

argyle couple.

I swear this wasn't initial, but TB and I both wore brown argyle to work...


xmas brunch, dinner & a gingerbread tree!

On Christmas Day, we had brunch with my family and dinner with TB's family and both were grand experiences! 

xmas gifts!

Oh the joy of opening gifts on Christmas! I had an amazing Christmas this year and I couldn't have asked for more! Here are a few things I got and some other gifts that were opened...

on my ride home.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE new camera that I got for xmas! On my way home from work today, I decided to test out the "Sunset" setting...

I was passing by Andrews Force Base and the sky was beautiful! Then, I put my camera away until I got closer to the National Harbor! 


michael kors time.

Merry Christmas! Today has been an amazing day and I got way more than I could have asked for! One of my surprises however was this Michael Kors watch that I'd been eyeing for a while! My parents got it for me and I LOVE it! 

Merry Christmas, Love!

TB & Jojo

Mom & Dad

Lil Sis & Her Beau


Back from Londontown!

My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip to London the 1st of December to check out the city and hang out with his best friend; it was amazing! The city of London has an old antique feel, but at the same time still reminded me of DC. 


My Favorite Facial Care Products

My favorite facial skin care line right now is definitely Aveeno Positively Radiant! I have the entire facial line including the Brightening Cleanser, Skin Brightening Daily Scrub, and the Daily Moisturizer. 


Delicious Cinnamon Apple Snack

I randomly picked a bag of these up at the grocery store and to my surprise they are extraordinarily delicious! They make a great "anytime snack"  and they're also the perfect touch to a Winter Cocktail

Healthy Meals I Spotted!

I found these delicious looking meals on Chescaleigh's Facebook page [HERE] and I've got to try them! 

They're Omelet Cups made with Turkey Bacon, Onions, and Tomatos…sounds so yummy! I think these will make an amazing breakfast meal! 


Fashionably Playing In The Rain

Yessss, my Lauren by Ralph Lauren Rain Boots have arrived! 

Lauren by Ralph Lauren [$65]


Beads. Sneakers. Heels, Oh, Did I Say Beads!

Micheal's had THEE most awesome sale on beads & my beau and I racked up! We already created a bunch of bracelets and we just got them yesterday! 

We designed them to match sneakers that we already owned & I also made some bracelets based on colors that I usually wear...

I'll Give You A "French Quarter For Your Thoughts"

New nail polish from O∙P∙I, French Quarter For Your Thoughts, its a great Fall color! 


I'm a Culture(d) Individual

I received my custom Ankh Wrap Bracelet by Culture(d)!

The bracelet looks really nice & it matches well with my brass set of Key & Bows bracelets...


[OOTD] "Good Girl Gone Bad"

Hello, November & Welcome to my first "outfit of the day" [OOTD] post...


Shoegasm & More at Aldo

I want all these shoes from Aldo! Now! 

Those are the heels, but I gotta have flats too...

Bring the Sea in Your Shower

A few weeks ago, I began using a Sea Sponge to wash my body and I must say this was a life changing experience! 


E.L.F Haul & Organizing My Makeup Collection

I received my first pretty large order from EyesLipsFace [E.L.F] and I'm excited to add everything to my makeup collection! I also purchased a makeup organizer from Target to put things in order because my previous system was horrible! 
click to watch on my YouTube [PiecesofJojo]

You can check out the video of the haul on my YouTube Channel [PiecesOfJojo] and/or check below to see each of the products that I received and how my make makeup collection transformed...

Jill Scott's Sultry "So Gone" Video

chillin in the bed with the beau & drinking on some Kava Tea i find Jill Scott's latest video for the single "So Gone"...

love the soulfulness of this video!

My New Vintage Cosmetic Bag

This is the make up bag that I've been traveling around with for the past 6 months or so...

Its functional and has been getting the job done, carrying my jewelry, perfume, and essential cosmetics around, but eh, I always thought it was so basic. Lucky for me, my mom cleaned out her closet and now I am rocking' this...


On A Friday Night...

Calm. Relaxing. Introspective. 

As I sip on some tea and listen to some Neosoul, those are words the first words that come to mind to describe my evening...

Gotta Love Good Music...Flower Child Music!

It's not quite neosoul, but its real soulful! One of my favorite local artists, Incwell, just debuted his latest LP, Whiskey & Flower Child Music, and its quite dope! 

image credit

You have to check it out [HERE], trust you'll want to add this on your iPod! Oh, did I mention its FREE! 

mmMm...I Got a Zum Bar!

Guess what I got while grocery shopping yesterday?! A Zum Bar! 

Zum Bar by Indigo Wild [$3.99]

Zum Bars are an all natural "ultra-mositurizing" soap, made with a goat's milk base, and are free of synthetic colorings and fragrances. Which mean's they're great for all skin types, especially sensitive skin! Personally, I am big on all natural products and products that aren't harass on the skin, so when I saw the Zum Bars and their natural ingredient lists, I was sold...

[Review] Salon Effects on Nails

A few weeks ago, I purchased the the Salon Effects kit by Sally Hansen from Ulta for $10 bux. I finally got to try them out and as excited as I was, my experience wasn't that pleasant. 


Motivation in Music

Truth be told, I have not been my usual ambitious, million projects at once, superwomen self in a few months. I have felt quite unmotivated and just down right L-A-Z-Y!


Crêpes For Lunch!

I went out to lunch with TB last week and he treated us to some Crêpes, which are really thin pancakes filled with heavenly goodness! This was an amazing experience...

Lock N Key Bracelets

I ordered a custom "Lock N Key" bracelet from ShopALS and my bracelet arrived yesterday!! I absolutely love it! But that wasn't the only things that I got yesterday...


How to Get Women to Workout!

 Paris is so dope! I want to definitely go back one day!


Sometimes, Its the little things...

As we're watching football, eating chilli, chips and pretzels, he makes me this! 

Sometimes the smallest acts say "I love you" the most! 


Tribal Nails

I finally got around to trying this tribal design I spotted on the web and I love it!


New Lipcolor & I Love It!

When I spotted this Coral Shimmer color by Rimmel, I knew I had to have it! And when I finally grabbed it at Ulta, I knew it was a matter of time before I colored my lips with it. Well, today is the day!


It's A {Musical} Love Sign!

Everytime I shuffle my iPod, which is like every time I touch it, "Deserve U More" comes on! This song is speaking volumes to me right now!


Mmmmm...New Perfume!

L'eau D'issey Florale by Issey Miyake 
You can't tell me nuffin' right now, this stuff smells sooooo delicious! When I smelt it at the store a few weeks ago, I wasn't impressed, but after trying this sample that I have...omgoodness, I can't get enough!

Why I Love Neosoul!

We all get the basic raps and auto-tune on the radio, that's typically about f*cking b!tches, beating up someone, reppin' this gang, and other pointless violent and unproductive content. But Neosoul, wow, its just something about its purpose!

Neosoul music, more often than not, is feel-good music, about real issues and things that real people can relate to. I just really love it! When I first really started listening to Neosoul, it was about 2-3 years ago and it really helped me to regain my self-esteem, understand who I was, what I wanted, and how good life  can be!


My Bobbi Brown Has Arrived!

A few days ago, I ordered the Limited Edition Tortoise Shell Collection Beauty Kit and today it finally arrived! I am so excited to try out the kit and explore my make-up personality!

Tortoise Shell Collection by Bobbi Brown
$ 80.00


Today Was A Bad Good Day...

Today was definitely one of those type of days for me, a good bad day. Unfortunately, a not too favorable situation transpired in the beginning of my day and consequently it had me feeling not too hot first thing in the morning. As the day progressed the situation that had me down didn't get too much better, but some how I managed to not let it consume me and allow some good in.


Ulta During My Lunch Break...What's In The Bag?

Ulta is one of my favorite make-up, skin care, perfume, everything beauty places to go and luckily for me there is one by my job! I stopped in there today and I picked up a few items (despite my urge to get tons of things) and here is what I got...


Pucker Up With Soft Kissable Lips

Yesterday, I exfoliated my lips and the results were fabulous! I used to exfoliate my lips pretty regularly, but I fell out of the habit, but after the results from yesterday I have added it to my regimen.

When I used to exfoliate my lips, I used sugar and honey, simple. But after viewing this video on Ambrosia's YouTube channel, I decided to give her method a try...container and all!


Welcome to Neosoul & Tea!

I chose the name "Neosoul & Tea" because those are my favorite solaces!

I plan to use this blog to share my odyssey through fashion, make-up, style, crafts, and just life... An accessory to this blog will be my YouTube channel, Pieces of Jojo, (Oh, btw my name is Jojo). I am still discovering my personal style and I am new to make-up, so this shall be quite fun and relaxed...

Put on some neosoul, brew a cup of tea, and enjoy!

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